Revolutionary energy reduction technologies

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AREUS develops hardware technologies to leverage bi-directional energy flows and to improve the use of renew-able energy sources in factories. A new electrical power supply system will dramatically reduce the energy consumption of robotized automation systems.

Eco-efficient design and simulation tools

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To consider sustainability when designing robotized automation is almost impossible with currently available design tools. AREUS is therefore integrating advanced mathematical models into these commercial design tools for sustainability simulation.

Sustainable path and operation optimization

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From the conceptual design of a product, to the final control code generation for a production system, many complex design trade-offs need to be made. Easy to use formal specifications and optimization tools for multi-robot cells are therefore created by AREUS

Life cycle sustainability assessment

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Life cycle assessment (LCA) is usually not considered when designing automation systems. To change that, AREUS also includes LCA-based tools and algorithms in the design, simulation and optimization workflow. The environmental and economic cost, linked with the flow of material, energy and waste, will be part of the assessment.


AREUS has reserved a large part of the budget for demonstration activities in order to prove the industrial applicability and viability of the innovations developed in different sectors and within different business models.


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