AREUS‘s integrated technology and engineering platform is developed in four project work packages (WP1-WP4) and demonstrated in WP5

WP1: Revolutionary energy reduction technologies

- The future robot automation hardware architecture will be developed by this work package. WP1 is led by Riga Technical University, RTU.


WP2: Eco-efficient design and simulation tools

- This work package will empower engineers to design and develop sustainable robot automation. WP2 is led by Unimore.


WP3: Sustainable path and operation optimization

- This work package will guide engineers throughout the design process with intuitive formal specifications and highly performant algorithms. WP3 is led by Chalmers University of Technology


WP4: Life cycle sustainability assessment

- This work package will develop tools for estimation and quantification of the impact of energy efficiency improvements and on the price of final products and systems. WP4 is led by Technical University of Denmark


WP5: Demonstrators

- AREUS has reserved a large part of the budget for demonstration activities in order to prove the industrial applicability and viability of the innovations developed in different sectors and within different business models. WP5 is lead by Daimler


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