WP1: Revolutionary energy reduction technologies

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Areus will take the latest research results, improve and adapt it and make industry ready hardware and software implementations.

The objective of WP1 is to develop an integrated set of energy consumption reduction technologies based on a novel factory electrical power supply system to exchange, harvest, store and recover energy at factory level. This will increase the use of renewable energy sources and efficiency enabling technologies for robotic production.

The AREUS approach:


Novel variable-voltage DC based power network architecture
- Full reuse of recuperative energy of drive systems
- Minimized power conversion stages and therefore minimized conversion losses
- 30% of power conversion units eliminated, 100% brake-resistors eliminated
- Significantly less copper necessary due to direct current, no skin-effect, less leads and minimized peak-power.


Simplified power connectivity
- Electricity of (e.g.) photovoltaic solar-cell power systems may directly consumed by production equipment.
- Simplified and enhanced integration of energy storage and backup systems
- No need for external AC power compensation systems.
- Power quality is integrated in DC generation equipment.
- Due to variable DC supply voltage, the network capacitance eliminates high power peaks up to 50-60%.

AC example


State-of-art AC-based power system example with 3 AC/DC conversion stages (1,2,3) – for powering AC load (eg.robot) and 4 AC/DC conversion stages (4,5,6,7) – for regenerative braking (robot – to – robot)



Areus DC

AREUS DC-based power system example with only 1 AC/DC conversion stages (1) – for powering AC load (eg.robot) and 2 AC/DC conversion stages (2,3) – for regenerative braking (robot – to – robot)

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