WP2: Eco-efficient design and simulation tools

To consider sustainability when designing robotized automation is almost impossible with currently available design tools. WP2 is therefore integrating advanced mathematical models into these commercial design tools for sustainability simulation.

 WP2 will create detailed mathematical models  to simulate bi-directional energy flows and process energy costs. These models will be used for simulation, optimization and control design

wp2 energy curve

wp2 overview



The AREUS approach


Energy-focused object-oriented modeling of mechatronic systems and industrial robots


Energy-focused identification of model parameters via:
- Analytical Identification Methods
- Non-invasive Direct Measures


Definition of energy signatures for each robot, namely energy consumption as function of:
- Robotized plant design
- Robot trajectories


Digital manufacturing based tools for single and multi-robot energy simulation
- Digital manufacturing integrating energy-signature of the designed system
- Models of system lifecycle cost & eco-impact
- Direct connection with state-of-the-art offline simulation tools

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