WP4: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 13.48.34Following the principle “What you can’t measure, you can’t manage!”, WP4 will establish tools that show, which effects the new AREUS software and hardware technologies can bring about – economically and environmentally, and this over the entire life cycle of the automated production system.

A key “measuring device” for the environmental performance is ISO-standardised Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA is, however, usually not integrated in the decision-making when designing automated production systems. In order to change that, AREUS includes LCA methodology and algorithms in the design, simulation and optimization workflow. Another “measuring device” is Life Cycle Costing (LCC) which will be used to quantify impacts of AREUS technologies on the costs related to final products and systems.

Key objects in the environmental and economic assessments are the flows of material, energy and waste related to the production system.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 13.56.48

The AREUS approach:


Decision-making on life cycle sustainability issues will be supported on three key levels:

- for single robots, 
- for manufacturing cells and

- for entire productions lines 


WP4 will integrate the software and hardware developments within AREUS (WP1, WP2, WP3) into its calculation algorithms.  


WP4 will provide answers to questions such as:

- “Which parts of the production system are the biggest contributors to environmental and economic impacts when seen in a full life cycle perspective?”
- “What difference does it make, whether we use e.g. four larger robots or six smaller robots in a manufacturing cell?”
- “If I might achieve environmental improvements by using a new AREUS technology, can I also assume economic improvements by it at the same time?” 

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