WP5: Demonstrators



Prove the viability of the new technologies developed in the industrial environments showing their technical and economic advantages both to the end-users and to the commercialization partners. The WP1-4 innovations will be demonstrated first standalone and then together with various configurations, proper KPI will be measured to assess the level of accomplishment of the AREUS target objectives.Such KPIs will be used by the Task Leaders for continuously monitoring the progresses achieved quantitatively.

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7 Demonstrator facilities


1. Virtual production design demonstration lab (owned by DAI) for new robotic production process eco-design, simulation and optimization


2. Demonstration cell (owned by DAI) with 4 high payload latest generation robots with respective tooling at DAI. The prototype production unit will be based on novel power supply system and will demonstrate the maximum resource and energy savings by the combination of all AREUS approaches, both related to hardware or control method improvements.


3. Demonstration cell with 5 industrial robots and conveyer system at CHALMERS (owned by CHALMERS) will be used to demonstrate the intelligent production scheduling methods and idle mode control.


4. Demonstration cell with 3 various payload robots at SIR (owned by SIR) will demonstrate and assess the performance of AREUS re-design and re-adaptation of existing plants.


5. Virtual robotic production system optimization demonstration test bench (owned by DELFOI) to demonstrate system-wide improvement of existing co-evolving product-process-robotic production systems


6. Industrial robot test bench at RTU (owned by RTU) will demonstrate the electrical energy exchange modules – prototype units for electrical drive systems and any other equipment with DC link, energy storage approaches
and direct integration with renewable energy resources.


7. Virtual lab (owned by DTU) for LCA/LCC determination of robotic production units and eco-efficient re-design to improve sustainability at DTU. The demonstration facility permits to evaluate an environmental impact and
economic appraisal of robotic production plants of any dimension

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